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Helping Clients With Unique Issues Related To Airport Law


Meyers & Meyers, PLLC has vast experience in helping individuals and businesses as they navigate the complex and multifaceted layers of airport and aviation law. From drafting legislation for a public operating authority to the everyday operation of an airport, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of airport and aviation law. Representative clients include:

  • Airport proprietors
  • Airport tenants and users
  • Airport park and fly operations
  • Hotels contiguous to airports
  • Businesses that are directly affected by Airport operations

Efficient And Thorough Representation

Our combination of skills and experience make Meyers & Meyers, PLLC particularly well-qualified to advise both public and private sector clients that are associated with the airport or airline industry.

Our firm’s services cover all aspects of Airport and Aviation law, including:

  • Construction and Development
  • Operation
  • Leasing and Concessions
  • Security
  • Contracts
  • Federal Aviation Authority Compliance
  • Grants
  • Bankruptcy Matters
  • Environmental Issues
  • Insurance
  • First and Fourth Amendment Issues (as they apply to airports)

Our extensive experience in representing airports, in addition to counseling individuals and businesses associated with the airport and aviation industry, makes our firm highly qualified to assist its clients in the complex areas of airport and aviation law.

Serving Businesses And Individuals In New York, Nationally And Internationally

To learn more about how our Albany and Saratoga Springs airport and aviation lawyers can help, call 518-464-9075 or contact us online.